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Our Mission Statement

To provide each individual called to be a part of the fivefold ministry the opportunity to be a part of a network fellowship that

  1. Promotes the networking of individuals with various anointings by celebrating their individualities as well as the ability to operate in unity as an organism

  2. Promotes an Apostolic Network of men and women of different denominational backgrounds who choose to collaborate harmoniously, exchanging weaknesses for strengths, in order to be more effective spiritually and naturally

  3. Promotes the establishment of foundations for doctrine, strategies, order, structures, discipline, corrections, and economic development within communities, cities and nations

  4. Promotes Christian Education in five-fold ministry, the administrative office of the bishopric, helps ministry, etc.

Our Vision


We are apostolic,

  1. we are vessels who yield to God as a habitation for His manifest presence in order to display the nature and character of Jesus Christ

  2. we are men and women of God who follow the Great Commission and see evidence in our ministries according to Mark 16:15-20

  3. we are men and women of God renewed by the Spirit of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit and have become one Spirit with Him

  4. we are men and women of God who fast and pray. We seek God with all of our heart, soul, and mind.

  5. we are vessels who serve in humility and servant-hood

We are a network,

  1. a system of lines: an Ephesians 4:12 model branching or interconnecting to one another

  2. a system of 5-fold ministry leaders with churches and/or ministries: a large and widely distributed group of people that communicate with one another and work together as a unit or system from across the globe

  3. a group comprised of men and women of God who form a system in order to exchange data, information, and revelation globally in order to bring Kingdom advantages within our communities, ministries and foster secular business opportunities


We are interdependent,

       we depend on each other relying on mutual assistance, support, cooperation, and 

       interaction among members as led by the Holy Spirit.

We are T.A.N.O.I.C.A.M.!

We are the Apostolic Network of Interdependent Churches and Ministries!

And thus we do affirm and believe! AMEN!

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